Lukas Vasilikos: Street Photographer

I first read about this street photographer on the blog “Leica Liker” who interviewed the guy. Lukas Vasilikos photographs people in the way that I aspire to. I’ve always felt a bit shy about shoving my camera in people’s faces, but I love love to photograph people more than anything; the way they move, their infinite variety. He gives some good advice in his interview, mainly, don’t think, just shoot, shoot every single day. And the best practical advice:

How do you go about shooting a street photograph? For street work, I do it in two parts. First I find a background to wait for something to happen that is in itself surreal or strange. I then wait for the right elements from people, things, animals, whatever, to walk into my frame. I know when I find a good background, I just have to be patient. Because the good shot happens most of the time.





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